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Product description

White powder to create a reasonable priced and very slippery lubricant based on water, usable with rubber, neutral taste and smell. Simply stir it up with water or any other liquid, it's best to use a mixer or a shaker. Because it comes as a powder you can experiment with it until you've found your favorite mixture. We recommend to make it a little to thick at fist and the mix a little water to it until you've reached the desired consitency - otherwise you'll have 6 liters of lubricant standing around which you'll probably not need. Always make J-Lube freshly or store it for a max. of 3 days in your fridge. It can also be frozen. If you're into slippery games, you'll love J-Lube. Depending on its consitency it will make little strings with every touch. Adding normal salt will cause the structure of the polymere to dissolve, now it can be cleaned off more easily.

Content 284 g


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Wrote by Gary W. on 30.01.2018

Jelly lube

Best value by far for this item and size

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