Service & Repairs

Special Items

You are looking for an item and couldn't find it? Not here! We really try to get every deliverable product for you. Quick and easy.

Just drop us a line!

Customized Solutions

In addition to a wide range of standard products we offer several special services to you

  • Customization of Leather Clothing
  • Customization of Latex/Rubber Clothing
  • Custom-made products of any other materials (for example Bedding/Sheets)
  • Reworking of Masks/Hoods or other items

Anyway if you look for a special size or need a special item made to your desire, just drop us a line!


We give you an estimate for the costs by our own repair shop. No matter if you bought the article in our store or not.

We offer you quick and inexpensive help, just drop us a line!