Manufacturer: ElectraStim

ElectraStim Tartarus Quadripolar Buttplug

Product.Nr.: 49430

Manufacturer: ElectraStim

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product description

4-pole stimulation current anal plug with innovative design and quadripolar connection for more creative possibilities to customize the sensations.

The quadripolar design divides the body of the butt plug into four separate conductive zones that can be controlled independently of each other. This configuration of four conductive zones stimulates 360 degrees around the anal area, creating an intense illusion of added "fullness" during the e-stim.

For example, the four areas of Tartarus can be linked together so that the current flows in a circular motion from one conductive point to another. This creates a completely new kind of electrical sensation, the "Virtual Rotation". It feels as if the butt plug is twisting and turning, even though it is not actually moving.

Each socket in the base of the Tartarus corresponds to an electrically separated area of the butt plug. This gives you the opportunity to explore different configurations. If you want, hours of varied fun are guaranteed.

The butt plug has a rounded base, so it is not noticeable when you are on the move. For seated play, the connection sockets (each for 2 mm plugs) are recessed in the base to prevent damage to the cables.

For this four-pole plug, you need a two-channel stimulation current device to enjoy all the possibilities.

Length 112 mm, 90 mm insertable
Diameter 38 mm
Connection sockets for four 2 mm plugs each
Medical grade silicone, black


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